Adobe Video 1 Training Course

Adobe Audition & Premiere Pro

Self-Paced Teacher Training Course

This is a workshop course for educators, by educators, on the Adobe Video 1 software and curriculum. 40 hours of asynchronous training videos, tutorials, and assignments (through Canvas) prepare teachers to effectively teach the Adobe Video 1 curriculum and understand the use of Adobe Software.

SOFTWARE NEEDED: Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro (2021 or later)

PARTICIPANT REQUIREMENTS: To receive credit for this course, you must complete each tutorial and submit all assignments via Canvas. If you plan to use this training course for CEUs, please confirm that with your school/county before the start of the course. You will receive a certificate at the end of the course to submit to your school/county as proof of completion.

CEUs: Typically, teachers can receive up to 4 CEUs for completing a 40-hour course. See policies for more information.

$595 per participant
The payment must be received before access to course materials becomes available.

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